Thursday, March 05, 2009

Ooooohhhh... it's flat out there.... very nice diving, very good viz....

Hopefully this'll keep up for a while.

The water's really cold right now, call it 71/72 or so... brrrrrrrr. That's as cold as it's been since I've moved here, I can only recall it being that cold in January/February of '00. It never really warmed up as much last fall as it usually does, so I guess the cold had a head start.

I'm excited.... I found my first baby frogfish of the new year for me. Sorry, no pics. I worked on my website a couple of days back and used the memory card from the camera to transfer pictures between my main computer to the old computer that has a copy of frontpage 2000 on it, and forgot to put the card back in the camera. I just knew I'd find something that would excite me... anytime I don't carry the camera that seems to happen. The frogfish was small, about the size of a finger nail. I'm hoping it sticks to the same general spot so we can track it as it grows. It's kind of in a high traffic spot right now, but if it moves maybe two feet in the proper direction it'll be in a good spot for viewing without getting knocked around by careless diver's fins. Last spring we saw more juvenile frogfish than we have in years, I'm hoping it's a trend that continues.... now we just need to start seeing more lionfish!

Here's another Yellow Margin Moray. It's probably our second most commonly seen moray, and probably our biggest that we see on a regular basis.



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Laura said...

Hey Steve, we saw you driving in your Wanna Dive truck near Borders in Kona yesterday! :-)

That's good to know about the water temperature... it's been a little chilly shore diving in our 5 mm suits this past week, but not too bad. (I'm skinny, so I get cold easily.) If this is the coldest it gets, that's great! It does seem a little colder than when we were here this time last year, but part of that is also since it's been overcast. It's still beautiful here (and a lot warmer than back home in Connecticut right now!), though!