Saturday, March 14, 2009

We had a few bright sunny days... and I'm due for a haircut....

We had some really bright sunny days before today (clouds everywhere and rain in the hills today). There was a weather system that brought in some fairly strong north winds that blew all the clouds and the vog out. This shot was taken at about 4:30 in the afternoon - that's Hualalai in the background, and you rarely ever see the top of it in the afternoon, it's usually covered by clouds over the course of the day.

Despite the winds, the diving's been good. The winds really only affected the top couple feet of water, and since we didn't have a swell going on Thursday, while it looked awful on the surface (lotsa whitecaps) the viz was really great underneath. Yesterday and today there was a bit of a swell along with the winds, but the excellent underwater viz has still been holding up.

Water temperature? Brrrrrr. Our customers have been doing fine, but those of us who are used to diving here are freeeeeezing. I've taken to wearing a 3 mil shorty underneath my full suit to take the edge off. Cathy was talking with one of her fishermen friends this morning and he was saying he hadn't seen the water this cold since about '94. Things should start edging up over the next month or two, but we're thinking fondly of summer/fall water right now.



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