Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Scrambled egg nudibranchs? Fried egg nudibranchs? Whatever.... they're neat looking no matter what you call 'em....

We're winding down on a real busy spell, I may actually get a planned day off come Friday and Saturday if the phone doesn't ring for those days. We've been doing lots of diving this month, I generally do the second dive of the day while Cathy's been doing the first... if we alternate dives, the customers get two slightly different style of guided dives during the day, kind of a yin/yang thing, Bob comes back tomorrow, so we'll be able to spread the diving out between us some - guess that'll make it more of a rock/paper/scissors experience at that point.

I was able to sleep in today, not that it really happened, as we're doing the night dive today. The mantas have been showing up in good numbers up at Garden Eel Cove for the last little bit.

Water conditions have been consistently good for diving the last little bit, and the water temperature has inched up a degree or two making it much more comfortable... Yahoo!!!




Andrew Cooper said...

That's why the scientific names are far more useful. Common names are very, very sloppy. I have found many occasions when different critters or plants masquerade under the same name in different places. Don't ask me about what Hawaiians call fireweed (the yellow flowers blooming all over Mauna Kea and Waimea right now).

Those are Phyllidia varicosa, very nice. We found an photographed three of them off of Puako last weekend. Surprising large for nudis.

Steve said...

Biggest one I've seen seemed like it was 5" long, that was up on a dive up north... probably smaller, but it seemed huge.