Friday, August 22, 2008

Welcome to the Kona Hawaii squid blog...

Ok, so it's not a squid blog... but I did get a bunch of photos on the manta ray night dive last night. I'll be able to keep showing squid from time to time 'til I get more regular stuff in.

These shots were taken with my Canon G9 in a Canon WP-DC21 waterproof case. I didn't use any external strobes or lenses, just the base kit. They were taken at night using some light from other divers along with a handheld LED light, primarily for focusing purposes as the onboard flash is pretty much responsible for the lighting showing in the photos.



p.s. I haven't shown my favorite squid shots yet.


Laura said...

Oh, wow. This is the coolest ever! I would have been so excited. Beautiful.

Steve said...

It was cool. First we saw one, then we saw divers looking at a group later on. After the divers moved off I had to try to get some shots... exposure wasn't easy, but the squid just pretty much float there and look at you. I've got a couple of shots where they're flashing more color than this shot.



Velu said...

Cool shot. I was going to get a G9 myself after my S1 went dead, but then the company changed it for free wityh an S5. Sadly the S5 doesn't come with an UW casing. So I'm screwed.

Happy diving.

Rishi said...

Yet another fantastic glimpse of aquatic life! Really don't find this type of beauty on land.

Steve said...



Xpressnick said...

wow..nice photos..
which i have a guts to dive in night

Steve said...

Thanks. Night dives are really some of the best dives, especially if you like little stuff.

This dive we do in Kona is a very easy dive with lots of company and lots of light, so even our newly certified divers do just fine on it.