Saturday, August 23, 2008

Busy, busy, busy...

Bob, Cathy and I have been keeping busy with charters.

The day of the manta ray charter that I took the recent squid photos I just blogged we also did a morning trip. It was a rather spectacular morning of charters according to our passengers... schooling barracuda, a manta ray, 5 or 6 eagle rays, and 30-40 dolphins swam with them for several minutes.... all on the first dive. The second dive was at one of our favorite divesites, often called pyramid pinnacle or harlequin or pinetrees pinnacle or any other number of names, and it was almost a letdown in comparison - and it's a great divesite.

Kona conditions report - Water temps have been fluctuating in the 77-80 degree range the last couple of weeks, kind of odd to see that much fluctuation in any direction but up this time of year. The vog has generally been pretty low the last couple of weeks and we've had some gorgeous weather.

Here's one of our resident geckos. This one likes the coffee maker, and we can find it laying on top of it much of the day and evening.




KelliOnSaipan said...

The dives sound awesome! I'm still waiting to see dolphins out here (Saipan). But I got some good hawksbill turtle pictures yesterday. I'll try to get them posted this week.

Steve said...

Thanks Kelli.

One comment... I don't publish comments that are pushing product or direct links to other blogs, and you didn't here.... but you might want to go into your blogger profile and activate a link to your blog in the profile, so that those who are interested in your pictures can easily find your blog by clicking on your identity link. It took me a few minutes that your identity is also a part of your URL.... your comments might generate a hair more traffic for you.

Aloha, and thanks.