Sunday, August 10, 2008

We did a three tank dive day today in Kona.....

I mentioned the other day that I was coming into a lull and I'd try to catch up on posting during then, well, the lull basically turned into one day of trying to re-repair the damage I did last month to our water line (read the archives, I think it was the post on July 4th of this year) and then I got more bookings. Today we did a three tanker with a fun group. We dove sharkfin rock, Kealakekua Bay and driftwood. Highlights of the dives were... frogfish on two dives, a manta, tinker's butterfly and all sorts of other good stuff.

Water conditions are darned good right now, it's the time of year we look forward to.

This photo is of the mouth end of a Horned Helmet Snail (Cassis cornuta). They spend much of their day mostly buried, with the tips of their shell exposed... you can see it's "mouth" here. When something tastingly smelly goes by they'll come out of the sand (kinda slowly, they're not speedsters) to eat it. To see a pic of one stalking a collector urchin click here.



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