Monday, August 25, 2008

Now that's a houseplant!!! So how many of you have a ficus tree in your home or office?

We've had them in our place over the time. One of the things we didn't realize before we moved over here was how many of what we consider to be "house plants" grow wild here in Hawaii.

One of the common ones around is the ficus tree. We have a pretty good sized one in our backyard that I've been interested of getting a shot of with me under it... but then I saw one at a house of a person that Pat knows and knew I just had to get a shot of it. That little blue blob under the tree is me. Considering that I'm a bit over 6 feet tall, that makes the tree fairly good sized.

Ficus trees are in the fig family, and many of the figs banyon. They'll send down "air roots" which eventually hit ground and become a secondary trunk and spread the tree out. This picture actually doesn't do the tree total justice as I'm standing in front of it from the narrow end, it's trunked out more in the other direction.

This is the same type of tree that many of you may have sitting in a corner in your home or office.... just think, with a little care you could someday be living the life of the Swiss Family Robinson!

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