Friday, March 07, 2008

Manta ray night snorkel in Kona Hawaii - swim with manta rays...

Wierd little video of people snorkeling with manta rays from Steve on Vimeo.

We've been pretty busy lately, I've got a lull coming for several days before the spring break rush kicks in for about a month.

Last night we did a manta dive. About half of our group was divers and the other half snorkelers. I posted plenty on this before, but this is a video of what it looks like to the boat Captains during the dives. The divers are down below in about 32-34 feet of water and the mantas spend their time between the divers on the bottom and the snorkelers on the surface. If you look real hard, you'll see brief instances where there's a real bright spot directly under a group or two of the snorkelers on the left side of the video about half way in... that's actually a manta ray doing belly rolls a foot or two below the snorkelers. It was kind of a bumpy night, so you'll notice the water isn't glass smooth, but it wasn't big surf by any means either.

The video doesn't do this justice, it's been listed as the world's top night dive, and people (last night included) come up raving about it. One of the best things about it is that it is also a great show for snorkelers.



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