Sunday, March 30, 2008

Adios Aloha. Aloha Airlines just announced tomorrow (March 31st) will be thier last day.

It's the end of an era of over 60 years. It'll be curious as to how this all shakes out. The State will ask the bankruptcy court to not allow the closure but that may not have any effect. Expect another airline to come in and purchase what remains of the company in a short time... hopefully.

Aloha and Hawaiian had attempted to merger a few years back to attempt to create a larger, healthy company. The state wouldn't allow it despite pricing lock guarantees. When that fell through prices went up and the two companies have been struggling to do well since. Go Airlines came in a couple years ago and has offered artificially low prices which has weakened both companies. While benefitting passengers for the short term, it's made it tough for everyone to operate. Both companies have sued Mesa, the parent company of Go. Hawaiian won thier suit and was awarded 80 million, Aloha's suit is ongoing.

Hopefully someone steps in soon to service the interisland traffic or things could get dicey for a number of businesses, as well as travelers, here. Custmers who have purchased tickets should contact their travel agencies or credit card companies. Those who paid for their tickets by cash or check will need to deal with the bankruptcy court.



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