Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Kona Classic 7 - an underwater photo and video festival, competition and seminars in May of 2008

There's an annual underwater photography event that's been held here in Kona for several years now that's supposed to be fun... so I thought I'd plug it.

This year it'll be held from May 24th through the 31st. Official sponsors for the event are Jack's Diving Locker, Kona Honu Divers, and Bottom Time. The event includes a week of diving along with seminars, photo critiques, social events and a competition with great prizes. It's a great opportunity to learn and develop some underwater photography skills. There will be several well known photo pros involved, who will be rotating on the boats of the official sponsors during the diving portion of the event as well as being present at the evening and social activities.

I'll be joining in on the fun myself as I've always wanted to do it but usually I've taken part of that week off to go elsewhere (slow season). It'll be a fun event and if anyone wants to join me on my boat I will be honoring the diving prices they've set up for the event. Since I'm not a sponsor this year I won't have a photo pro onboard, but we'll have the same access as everyone else after the dives. The cost of the event itself is $350 per person, which includes the receptions, a Body Glove evening cruise, all the seminars and more, with the dive operators having agreed to charge $650 for the diving for the week for participants.

As I know more I will post more information. Get yourself to Kona this May and take advantage of this opportunity.

The photo above is of a young Hawaiian Dragon Moray (Enchelycore pardalis) our divers found the other week. These spectacular eels have a lot of color in their faces and large hornlike tubes on thier foreheads. We've seen a couple of them lately so we're hoping to see more of them. I've yet to be lucky enough to have a camera in hand when I've seen them, this picture was forwarded by customer Melinda... thanks Mel.




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