Saturday, May 26, 2007

Just a quick note....

I've been busy working at the other job this week. I actually have to get up in a bit over 5 hours to go at it again, so I'm keeping this short. I wanted to post a quick note to anyone who's been trying to contact me through my Wanna Dive e-mail in the last week or so... my webhost went through a server change and it buggered up my mail. I was able to get most of it earlier today, but I lost about 3 days of messages altogether that I never even saw (three days usually equals about 1100 pieces of junk mail and a couple of legitimate inquiries). If you've attempted to reach me and haven't heard back, I do think it's working OK now so you can try again if you'd like.

This picture is of a goatfish working the sand. They have barbels which they run through the sand that stir things up that they might be able to eat.



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Racquel said...

i wonder why they called it a goat fish.. anyway, I'll be coming back to read about the fishes you feature on your site.. thanks! I'm learning a lot! =D