Monday, May 21, 2007

Don't count your chickens before they're hatched....

In the spirit of that, I'm sitting on some news. I've been waiting on something and I'll probably know the outcome one way or the other in a few days, so next time I post I may be happy, disappointed, or somewherre in between (if I'm still waiting to find out the outcome).

It's been cool and wet up mauka today, with rain most of the day... a rarity here in Kona at our elevation. I talked with Bob earlier today, he was out with another company, said it was pretty nice on the water as long as they stayed out of the south facing spots. We've had a pretty good south swell the last couple of days, apparently yesterday was particularly nasty and the best diving was up in the Sand Chute and Garden Eel Cove area off the Kona airport where we do our night dive.

It'll be curious to see if the swells bring our water temps up. It's about the time of year the temperatures start to bump back up slowly.

The picture above is of a Pebble Collector Urchin. The common form is dark blue and looks much like an imperial crown, this one (two actually, there's one in the background) is a white one, which is much less commonly found here. If you do happen to see them, take a close look at the white portions - the white is tons of little white tube feet that move rapidly... almost mesmerizing.



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