Saturday, December 16, 2006

Lotsa scuba diving coming up...

The Christmeas busy season is coming up. It seems to get really busy after about the 20th or so here. Starting tomorrow I'll be busy for a while. We had a couple charters earlier this week. I've got another tomorrow, with a class on Monday and more charters the rest of the week.

We had our first rain in almost a month tonight, didn't get nearly enough to do much, but if we can get another evening or two it'll help keep things from gettting overly dry. The wet/dry seasons in Kona can be somewhat reverse of much of the rest of the state because of our being on the leeward side of a 13,000 foot mountain. We see much of our rain in the late summer and during the winter it can be quite dry some years.

The picture above is of Pololu Valley, up on the north end of the island. It's one of my favorite short but brisk little hikes here. I don't get up there all that often, and I haven't been up there since the earthquake the other month. I've heard there was damage on the trail. I'll try to get up there sometime eventually to see if anything on the trail has changed.

I'm running low on fish shots I really like... I'll have to dig into my older stuff 'til I get the supply refreshed. Between flu, vacation, the cold which followed the trip, and now an ear infection, I haven't been in the water as much lately as I have hoped. I'll keep Bob busy diving 'til the ears are back to normal and then I'll get my turn...whoohoo! I'm hoping be early this next week the ears'll be back to normal.



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