Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Big surf expected in Hawaii for a couple of days...

I thought I'd post a couple of sunset photos from this evening. Very orange. It tends to get that way when the vog is up a bit.

Diving conditions have been excellent the last couple of days, but we're expecting swells to come up. They apparently had nice 15 foot surf off the north shore of Oahu today, but it's supposed to hit 22-28 foot faces by tomorrow.
Our island is usually shaded from northwest swells by Oahu and the Maui county islands, but we can still be vulnerable depending on the angle the swell comes in at. We'll know tomorrow if the big northwest swells are coming in. More bothersome to us may be the big west swell they are expecting to fill in. They say we could have 15-18' faces off Oahu from the west, if that happens it'll likely hit here too and mess up most of our dive sites for a day or two. A little later in the winter, west swells are rarely a concern, we're just in that season right now where they can pop up, it usually affects shore diving more than boat diving unless the surf is huge.

I haven't posted in a while. We took a long weekend on Oahu to watch the University of Hawaii/ Oregon State University football game. Good game... Go Beavs... Go Warriors too, but I did go to school at OSU. As residents of Kona, we like to complain about the traffic here, but our trip to Aloha Staduim took the cake for slow traffic... wow... 3+ hours to get from Waikiki to the staduim, took us 26 minutes to get back after the game in moderate traffic. I'm glad we don't live in a big city.



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