Sunday, June 18, 2006

No scuba diving today, cleaning our Kona vacation rental..

It's been slow on the boat this last week, but from Tuesday on it gets busier with 5 charters booked between then and Saturday. The goal is to run about 8-9 charters a week and then hire another Instructor/boat captain to fill in the gaps, play extra crew if we have students, and give Bob and I a break. At that point I'll have decisions to make as far is whether to push for 2 charters a day, every day.

We tented the house this last week. I'd hope to get a picture of it to show, but they pulled the tent down before I made it to the house. In Hawaii, we're pretty prone to termites. Every so often, say 5-10 years (and almost any time a house is sold that hasn't been tented within a few years), you are likely to have to tent your house and fumigate it with a gas that permeates everything and kills termite colonies and anything else it touches. It leaves no residue, but we're starting to lose our geckos. They seem to tolerate it initially, but then have troubles the next few days. Sad, but they will be replaced with a new bunch in the coming weeks. We had to move out for a day or two... there's no place like home, but it was almost like having a mini vacation. I do think the dog's happy to be back in familiar surroundings.

This picture is of a pair of juvenile Yellowtail Coris Wrasse (Coris gaimard), also sometimes called rainbow wrasse or red coris wrasse. These little fellas are neat in that they have tow or three fairly distinct color phases as they grow. The juveniles are sometimes mistaken for percula or ocellaris clown fish, or nemo fish as some are calling them, by those who don't realize Hawaii has no clownfish (our water is a couple degrees too cold for them to reproduce effectively from what I've heard). Adults will look very little like these guys other than body shape. I linked a pic of mine of the adults in an earlier post, but the photo gallery I used is down, I may have to repost the pic from my direct connection... I'll find it and put them in my next post.



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