Sunday, June 25, 2006

A day off from my scuba job.... so I went diving again.

I'm still trying to figure out the camera. I'm having fun with it. I went down to the Place of Refuge again for a shore dive and went back to the rock with the shrimp from the other day. Today there was an Undualte Moray (Gymnothorax undulatus) in being cleaned by both the scarlet lady cleaner shrimp and banded coral shrimp - it got crowded in his little hole. I took a pile of pictures, and that's sort of what it takes to get the one where most everything you want is in focus. This was one of two out of about 12-15 shots that came out fairly OK - everything else was either the eel or the shrimp out of focus, this one was close. Next time I'll try some manual settings, ratehr than the "underwater macro" preset on the Olympus sp-350, to see if that helps.

This is a closeup shot of one of the christmas tree worms on that coral head shot I posted earlier. They are neat. I still need to get a real crisp shot of one. It might take some practice to get what I want.



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