Monday, June 19, 2006

A busy Kona diving day ahead....

Tomorrow went from two passengers to five passengers in the morning due to a few phone calls earlier today, and then I have 3 or 4 on the manta dive tomorrow night. We're starting to pick up for the summer.

Today was spent running errands and working on my web page. I started getting people telling me my pricing was well below several of my competitors so I had to check it out. I'd done the numbers recently and did realize that I litterally could lose money when I have solo students so that needed to be bumped up. After cruising through websites it appears most of the notable boats have had increases. I'm keeping things as close to what I've been charging as possible for now, a few things have gone up a few bucks here and there but no major changes. I'll need to keep a closer eye on the local market in the future, Kona seems to still be priced below Maui for most certified diving experiences.

Here's another little white mouth moray eel from the other day. I am liking the new Olympus sp-350 camera. Eels, though they may look a little fierce at times, are often quite approachable, and having a housing that will allow use of the onboard flash is quite nice... it makes the color show up well.




beachcomber said...

Great blog site!
If I can get up to Kona, maybe we can do a blurb on your dive operation on my website aboutHawaii Beaches! My wife is from Hawi but we don't get back there nearly as much as we'd like.

Keep up the great work!I might have posted on another entry but I think I hit the wrong button...


Steve said...

I know how it is. I don't travel interisland but every few years anymore unless it's to get to the mainland. We might be islnad hopping twice this year, that's a lot for us. Thanks for the comment.