Thursday, July 17, 2008

We're coming into the best time of the year to dive in Kona and Hawaii...

...although you really couldn't tell it today from above the water, it was great below. Today's charter was with a fun family that was mostly certified for scuba diving, with a younger one who was doing an intro. We went to the first site and after everyone was down I decided I ought to put on some sunscreen - that did it - it wasn't minutes before we were covered with a big dark cloud that created it's own weather and wouldn't leave. This was the first charter in maybe a couple of years I've been rained on during both dives. Luckily, we've got more shade, in this case umbrella, than most of the 6 packs (and some of the larger boats) so it was relatively dry up topside despite the downpour, just cooler and darker than normal.

Our water is warming up, today it might have been warmer in the water than topside... water temp at 79 on Bob's conservative computer, and maybe that above when it wasn't raining. Late summer is when the water gets warmer and generally calmer, it's pretty nice by most standards.

Anyway, we moved to the second site which was a little calmer and the rain held off 'til the divers went down. I got to enjoy the rain on the ocean... you'd almost need to see a video of it (I didn't take the camera today), but the ocean often looks quite interesting when it's getting poured on.

Here's an underwater photo I took of a juvenile Dragon Moray (Enchelycore pardalis) a couple of months back. This was taken on the same dive I took the pic of the adult Dragon Moray I posted earlier (take a look through the April/May/June archives or click on "moray eel" directly below, I'm not sure which month I posted it)... we see them rarely enough, it's really something when you see two on the same dive.



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