Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Quick, lock up the booze cabinet!!!!

This gecko's after margarita residue, no way we're letting him help himself.


expat in japan said...

That's hilarious!!

And it's especially funny because here in Japan, "gecko" means someone who can't drink at all (someone who can't hold their liquor)!

Rishi said...

Lol! If nuclear testing made Godzilla, I wonder what a little margarita residue can do to a gecko. ;-)

Flug New York said...

I wonder how much he drank:) Really nice picture. But isn´t it kinda irresponsible to leave the gecko with the whole bottle alone?

Suzette said...

EEiiii! I hate gecko or lizards! There was once, my colleague used my desk when I was away. She left a cup with coffee residue. Next day morning, a lizard drown inside, with lots of coffee splashed all over my desk! It was really disgusting. BTW, is this gecko real? :p

And I'm here to vote for you in today's BOTB. Good luck! :)

Steve said...

Thanks everyone.