Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fit at 50? Another post on gettin' old....


A few months ago I mentioned I was losing weight... well, I've pretty much stabilized at 217+/-, which beats the heck out of the 240 or so I was late winter and early spring. The pounds haven't changed since my frist weight loss report, but I do look a hair thinner (I've been lifting a lot of scuba tanks lately so that's probably helped). I haven't really stuck with the diet at all the last month and a half or so, at least I haven't gained any.

Well, the other week at the Hilton was a bit of a wake-up for me. Other than the short walks (maybe a mile) I do with Pat on occasion I really haven't walked more than a couple hundred yards at a time since tearing the hamstring this winter. After walking the length of the resort and then some I started to realize, hey I'm noticing my leg's a bit more sore/tired than expected... not good, as I've only got a few months to build it up before our trip this fall.

We're doing Vegas for the dive show and I typically walk for hours and hours when I'm there. After Vegas we're hitting the Grand Canyon and other hiking areas for a few days... I may have to actually exercise to get ready for this trip. I've basically got 3 months to get it to where I won't notice it... quite doable I suspect, as long as I actually work on it. We're really looking forward to the hiking after the Vegas visit... gonna check out Antelope Canyon and some other slot canyons, and Pat's on a mission to lose weight herself - she's doing quite well, down 2 sizes - so I've got some competition as far as the weight loss thing goes... Can't let her embarrass me ya know.

I never really took a "before" picture, although I suspect we can find a picture of me at 240/250 somewhere, but my goal is to be able to take a sub-200 pound picture by the time I'm 50, which is coming all too soon. It's surprising just how much better the first 20 pound loss has me feeling, so it'll be curious to see how I feel at 200 or less... haven't been there in 20 years for any length of time, so I've got the work cut out.... Just say no to non-fiber carbs!

Here's a small frogfish a customer noticed at the tail end of our 100 minute dive I mentioned the other week... nice find. To give you an idea of the size of the frogfish, the piece of finger coral it's on is a bit smaller than the size of a little pinky finger. The fish was maybe an inch or so in length. It was sort of tough to get a shot of it, this was as close as I could get without risking bumping anything.




Rishi said...

That's an awesome picture! Wow, I'm not an expert, but you must have had a sharp eye to catch something that small amidst the coral. Of course it helps that it's green. =). Best of luck on the dieting/exercising regiment!

Sharon said...

So that's a frog fish, huh? Never knew they existed. One of our most memorable experiences was snorkeling in Kona a few years ago. Enjoyed the picture and best of luck to you.

Steve said...