Sunday, November 25, 2007

Test, test, test...

I stumbled across a different video hoster while checking out another local blog so I thought I'd try uploading a manta video I've posted a couple of times over the years. The hosting service is called Brightcove and uses the latest Adobe Flash codecs, supposedly it might be a little better than what I've been using, I looked at the old video (June 24th, 2007) and couldn't see a lot of difference.




Anonymous said...

What did you encode this with? It looks like Flash 7 (much blockier than most of Brightcove's vids). If you used their PublishPod tool on a Mac, that would explain why. On2 (the people who make the Flash 8 codec) don't offer an SDK for the mac so unless you are pre-encoding the file with some other program like Episode, you're going to get quality like this. Again, that's if it's coming from a mac.

Steve said...

This is a actually an old clip from years ago that's been sitting on my computer. It was originally run through an older version of windows movie maker so whatever artifiacts are there are not likely anything to do with Brightcove. I'll try a fresh 100 meg or so clip straight through later when I take something and see how it turns out.