Saturday, November 10, 2007

First underwater pics with Canon G9 digital camera with Canon WP-DC21 housing

I went for a long shallow dive (106 minutes, still had roughly 1200 psi left) the other day and took some shots with the new camera. I realized only today that I had a bunch of focusing problems because the camera was using it's default focus method which takes most of what's in the picture into account, and I really wanted to do a spot focus so I could pick exactly what I wanted in focus. This Yellow Margin Moray Eel did turn out quite nice using the default focus though.

We had a fun charter today. One of my passengers showed up obviously stuffed up so I suggested he take the day off. He's also scheduled for tomorrow, if he's cleared up by then he'll be joining us ... otherwise Pat, myself and a friend will go fishing and diving and call it a holo holo day.




Tom Redd said...

The eel did turn out nice, I will be interested to see what you think as you use the Canon G9 more. Thanks for the post.

Bobbie said...

Good luck with your new camera. These early results indicate that it's going to be a winner for you.

Mr. Canon G9 Camera said...

So far, I'm very happy with my upgrade to the G9 from the G7

textag said...

Nice pic's.

I'm just starting out with my G9. I'm hoping to start taking some underwater photo using the Canon housing, but have no idea about which external strobe to try. I'm just a beginner so I need something simple that connects easily with the fiber optic cable.

Any suggestions from someone who has had a chance to get the camera underwater?


Steve said...

Thanks, I missed these comments earlier.

To Textag... I'd think most of the strobes that are set to work with point and shoots will be winners. I keep seeing great results with the new Inon strobe on various message boards, but it comes with a price tag. I'm considering the new Ikelite AF-35. It's a relatively inexpensive kit, somewhere around $370-$400, and comes complete with arm and tray so you don't have to try to piece things together. It's probabaly not as strong as pricier strobes, but I mostly do macro to 30 inches anyway.