Friday, November 30, 2007

Sunset from the manta dive.

Here's a sunset from the manta dive last week.

Today I had charters in the morning and evening. When I packed up my camera today, I forgot to pull out the memory card from the computer... which seems to practically guarantee we'll see something interesting I can't take a picture of... as it so happened, I noticed a fin sticking up on the way to our first dive site and slowed down to find a good sized pelagic manta ray. These guys are different than the manta rays we typically see on the night dive, they're solid black and typically larger than the ones we see regularly. We were able to put our divers in with it for a few minutes.

Tonight's manta dive was very good. Bob said there was probably at least a dozen. We had a pretty sloppy ride home (northwest swell and southwest winds sort of stacks things up) and pretty good surge on the dive, but the divers had a great time.




Anonymous said...

Hey Steve - I like your blog. Would love to link up - I have a few condos near Keauhou Bay so I'm always promoting to friends and family and sending them in the right direction for recreational activities!

Steve said...

Hi, thanks for the complement. I've set up a spot on the sidebar where I'll return links to people I know have me in their permanent blogroll. I'm thinking that's the best way to do reciprocal links. If this works, get mine listed somehow "kona diving" "kona diver blog" or such and I'll return the favor.