Friday, April 13, 2007

What's more interesting... American Idol or Moorish Idol?

This is a Moorish Idol (Zanclus cornutus). This is one of the fish that seems to hold the interest of both snorkelers and divers the most. They are very elegant looking as they swim across the reef. The do a pretty good job of keeping just out of flash distance with my little camera, so this is about all I've got so far. I had to touch it up in photoshop, so it doesn't look quite natural but it's close.

We did the night dive again last night. Still have fairly light plankton levels, but there was a manta there for the whole show.

Right now I'm having fun... not too much really... we're having the boat trailer rebuilt. They tend to go real fast in a saltwater environment, a little salt water can turn a chunk of steel into a crumbling brown mess faster than you'd ever think. I've had to rent a slip for a couple of days to keep the boat in while the trailer's beeing worked on... Makes for more excercise for Bob and I since we've got to carry tanks to the slip and such.

Tonight I get to call in for jury duty and see if they need me for next week. I'm supposed to call in every Friday evening 'til the middle of next month. It'll be interesting to see if I have to serve. I get the notice about every other year and whatever jury I get called for seems to be cancelled. I'm not taking students for the next 4 weeks just in case, I can get coverage for certified divers but I don't want to commit to more than I can cover. They used to call me from the Hilo side, but they've recently changed the rules to where you can refuse if you live more than 70 miles away. I'm like 3 miles from the Kona courthouse, hopefully it'll only be a few days if it happens at all.



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