Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Can you say aaaahhhhhh?

This eel looks a lot like me when you hang fried chicken in front of me... Eels have a reputation that is much more fierce than they actually deserve. Eels spend their lives crawling in and out of corals, and in order to be able to back up they can't have large operculums (the gill plates most fish have covering their gills). They basically have very small gill openings and they have to actively pump water through their gills by opening and closing their mouths. Now in this case, they do tend to open thier mouths a bit more when you get real close, but it's strictly to look fierce as a defense mechanism.

Speaking of fried chicken, I finally made some fried chicken that I actually really liked. I've tried making fried chicken for years and never had figured out how to actually make the chicken meat itself taste all that good.... something to do with needing to read recipes I guess... No more having to resort to Banquet out of the box (yuck) to get chicken with any flavor any more.

I'm back in the water in a day or two. The trailer's been rebuilt... uggh, pricier than expected so I gotta keep busy for a while. So far my number hasn't come up on the jury duty roster, so I'm good 'til Tuesday next week at least. That's about it for now, I've got to go downstairs and clean the vacation rental for our next guests.




steve said...
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Steve said...

A southern California ski resort spams again - deleted.