Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Tidal wave in Hawaii today?

NOTE: IF you are looking for information on a current quake/tidal wave or other event, try clicking on my link to the main page of the blog in the column on the right. It'll take you to more current posts....

We had some excitement in the state today. The morning news reported the earthquake in Tonga and that there was a tsunami watch because it was a substantial earthquake. Numerous schools around the state had their days cancelled due to the tusnami watch. By 8 am or so the civil defense made an announcement that there was no tidal wave formed as a result of the earthquake. It was basically a non-event, but I'm glad the news is keeping up on the possiblities as it would be horrible to be caught up in a tidal wave.

Otherwise, it was a nice day on the water, very calm, although we did have a bit of a south swell.

Sort of a wierd day all around for me personally. Had a welder in this afternoon to replace the winch arm on the trailer, had a doctor's appointment at 4 to review a MRI I had taken last month (looks like I have to give up my dreams of becoming a trapeze artist, otherwise nothing overly unexpected), ended up on anti-biotics for my little shin boo-boo the other day (foot is now swolen and bruised as the edema makes it route.. better to take precautions before it become big troubles... it's great getting older, new experiences), messed around with the fuel pump this afternoon, we had a sputter today and I later found some air in the fuel filters - tomorrow's a day off so it's more work on that so we can keep the boat going --Ahhh, the joys of boat ownership....

The pic above is of an Arc-eye hawkfish (Paracirrhites arcatus). This is one of the first pictures I took here with my old Sea and Sea MX 10 that I was happy with. These are a neat fish. You can find them perched on coral heads. Hawkfishes don't have much, if anything, of a usable swim bladder, so they spend their time perching on a coral head waiting for something edible sized to swim by and then make their swoop. In an aquaruim they will actually get excited when you approach because they seem to know to expect food when you come around.



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