Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Gotta post a nudibranch photo

I found this little (about an inch/inch and a quarter long) guy out in the sand and rubble on yesterday's shore dive. I've seen them in Kona too, but they match in with the sand so well they're tough to spot. This pic was done without a white balance, but the color's close.

I've no idea of the name on it, I need to get myself another copy of Hawaii's Sea Creatures so I can look up some of these invertebrates I don't know. I really liked the horns on this guy, quite predominate, remind me of a longhorn steer.



Note: Something wierd's going on for me when I open/expand the pics on the last couple posts... don't know if it's blogger, my computer, or something I did when I uploaded the pics. Let me know if you are having problems clicking and enlarging them.


Anonymous said...

Steve - Great Blog. The pictures are really great. I've just recently gotten my certification and have only been diving off Cozumel, Mexico. Not bad but it wet my appetite. I'm heading to Kona with some family the 2nd week of July and I'd love to get a little more insight from you on some good dive shops, deals that we might be able to get so we don't get hacked with the 'tourist traps and charges'.

Any info you have you be great.
NilsMarchand at yahoo.com

Steve said...

Kona is different than Coz. We don't have colorful sponges and soft corals, but have plenty of hard corals and different varieties of fishes.

For diving, check out the link to my dive operation "Wanna Dive" over in the side bar. I don't ahve a retail shop, but we provide a good dive experience off our boat. We take 6 passengers max and have among the most liberal bottom time allowances in the state... we dive computer profiles and want you up at 300-500 psi, makes for some long dives since we don't generally set arbitrary time limits.

In general, Kona isn't loaded with "tourist traps". If you do decide to the the time share thing to save some $$, make sure you know the specifics and compare deals ahead of time, sometimes the bargains aren't necessarily bargains, sometimes they're great deals.

Have fun, the business link allows you to e-mail me direct.