Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Wow! 18 manta rays at the Kona manta ray dive tonight!

Today was a long day for me. Class in the morning, pool session in the afternoon and then a two tanker late afternoon/night dive. I'm back at it first thing in the morning tomorrow. The manta dive is just hopping right now. We had 18 tonight and apparently there were 16 or 17 last night. That's 5 huge nights in a row. I have another manta trip being put together for Friday evening and likely again this weekend.

Here's a picture of Regal Slipper lobsters. These guys are one of a few types of slipper lobsters we have here, they are the most colorful. I think I took this picture down at Casa Caves last year, but we do see them on our night dive on a fairly frequent basis.

Good night,


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