Thursday, February 16, 2006

New scuba gear today.

Today I was running errands. I went to the UPS depot at the airport to pick up a shipment of regulators to replace everything I currently have in rental. The goal is to try to keep the gear in nearly new condition.

After the airport, I went and picked up some Nitrox for tomorrow's dive. Nitrox is an oxygen rich mixture for diving. It changes some of the nitrogen concerns, but most people dive it because they feel better afterwards - it used to be referred to as "geezer gas" when it first became popular. I personally only use it if I'm doing multiple days of more than two tanks, but I definitly notice I'm feeling better at the end of the week if I'm diving on it. You generally need a special certification to use nitrox, but we can also do nitrox intros for those who want to try it.

Tomorrow is the beginning of a busy stretch for me, basically most every day 'til the end of the month. I did have a cancellation today which opens up a day or two, but I suspect I can get something to fill in those dates also, we'll see.

This is an image taken just outside of "freeze face" up in the surge zone. Unlike many older tropical locations where the islands have eroded away enough to where they are ringed with beaches, much of the immediate shoreline of the Big Island is rocky and will have a lava flow which meets the water. We often have little 20'-30' high drop offs to explore where this occurs. We do still hav beaches though, just not as predominant as on the older islands.



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