Monday, February 27, 2006

Another Kona Hawaii turtle cleaning station photo.

Hey there,

Sorry about the sort of strange titles (I don't normally say "Kona Hawaii" a lot) to some of these posts... it's all about giving search engines appropriate phrases to find me.

We had four manta rays on the manta dive the other night. A good time was had by both the diver and the snorkelers. I've done the manta dive a couple hundred times now and it's still a very neat experience each time. It truly is a great adventure.

I've been doing a bunch of diving the last few days. I'm off today and have another manta trip tomorrow. I have someone I've been playing phone tag with who's looking at diving for about 4-5 days coming up, then we should be getting into spring break and busy times again for a few weeks.

At some point recently we went to "Turtle Pinnacle" and there were 3 or 4 turtles present. Turtle Pinnacle is probably our most well known turtle cleaning station. I've described cleaning stations before and shown a couple of pictures and the video earlier. This is a picture of a turtle in full bloom, so to speak. They'll hang out on the ground and present themselves, occasionally they'll move off but the tangs will follow and continue to clean thier shells. One of the neat little things that occasionally happens when a free swimming turtle is being cleaned, is that a turtle without any tangs on them may purposefully swim up to the turtle being cleaned and attempt to steal his cleaners. It's fun to watch, and I don't think the other turtle really is annoyed by this.



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