Wednesday, February 08, 2006

3-D photography? You can do it!

Ok, some of you are going to hate this post, some of you are really going to think this is cool! Stick with me long enough to read the information and instructions.

With the image above, you should be able to see the flower in amazing 3-D!!!! You may have to click on the image and enlarge it to full size to really see it well.

Warning, some of you will probably get headaches and hate me for this.

Anyway, these images are of an iris from the yard and were taken with a normal digital camera, but from slightly different angles. One image was taken slightly from the right, the other slightly from the left... then you reverse the order when looking at the images, so I've put the right image on the left and the left image on the right. You now have a stereo image pair.

To see the 3-D image you will need to back up from your monitor say 18-24 inches and start crossing your eyes. If you cross your eyes so much you have 4 images, you've crossed them too far. You will need to slowly uncross your eyes 'til the middle 2 images merge into one. Once you have a solid image in the middle, with 2 ghost images on the sides (making for 3 images total), the middle image will be in 3-D!!!!

It may take some practice. For most people this is actually easier than those funky poster things that require you to look through an image, so your focal point is beyond the plane of the screen, to see a 3-D effect, in this your focal point is in front of the screen (since you are crossing your eyes) and most people can do this easier.

Feel free to comment as to whether this works for you. I may throw some other pairs I've tried later on if I get a positive response.

Water conditions the last couple of days - bad, although it's settling down right now we are supposed to see another swell tomorrow.




Anonymous said...

Very may want to instruct people that after they finally get the third picture they can move farther away or closer to the screen to get a better focus.

Anonymous said...

Hey, moving forward and back worked well for me! That was the best I've seen yet, Steve. - Kate

Thomas said...

I tried, but failed.