Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The water's great today!

I have an afternoon/night manta ray trip today. With the morning free, I did the sensible thing.... went diving. It's handy living within 15 minutes of some of the best shore diving in Hawaii. The water's been flat for a couple of days so I wanted to try working with the camera while on my own for once. It's been rough water most any time I've had an opportunity to go out on my own.

Here's the highlight of my morning. Frogfish are a member of the angler family. They're tough to spot and not found very often.




Gregg said...

Wow! Is that at Two Step??

Steve said...

Yep, it was just below the Aloha sand patch. I saw a freediver checking something out so I went over and it was swimming in the area. It settled down and I took a bunch of shots, I did get some of it swimming that I need to play with.

They're around, but so hard to spot. I found one several years back that I was able to find for a couple weeks. A couple years ago I was diving with a couple and the woman says, after we get out "what kind of fish is it that is yellow and looks like a frog?" Apparently both her husband and I swam off to one side of it and she took a look and just kept going. Oh well.