Thursday, December 29, 2005

Tinker's Butterfly from today's scuba dive in Kona

OK, so we saw Tinker's today again at about 120'. It was sunnier, but still too deep to get a picture that really does them justice on available light. This will probably be about as good as I can do 'til I get a strobe. The gold color on these guys really pops when lit up.

The swell started to drop today and is should be very nice tomorrow along the whole west side... right before the next one hits. We'll be getting at some of the spots we haven't been able to do the last few days.




Willy said...

Great picture. I just learned about Tinkers recently. I love your blog. You're so lucky that your passion and your work intersect!

Steve said...


It's definitely nice to have work that's also a hobby.



Gregg said...

That's a real nice shot of the Tinkers. Do you shoot digital RAW? Ever try correcting the white balance digitally? My brother has a lot of luck getting truer colors when he shoots RAW and does the correction afterwards. Really nice crisp shot!