Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Continuing Kona Hawaii adventures

We had a couple of nice dives today. On the first dive Bandit Angels and 2 or 3 (depends on who you listen to) Flame Angels were seen, as well as several other interesting critters. On the second dive we did a one way dive from the mooring off Kaloko ponds to the north. This is a dive I've actually never completely done so some of it was new for me, lots of reef on a slight slope. Lots of the typical reef critters, we did see a group of female or younger Psychedelic Wrasses, but no adult male.

Between dives we went out to see to see if any whales were around. One of the whale/dolphin charters had found a large pod of Pilot whales and soon there were several boats watching. There were certainly several dozens of them (the whales) and very well could have been a hundred or more. Here's a pic of Pilot whales.


Mmy-Lei said...

hi, i like your site so much. i miss my diving times so i went here to check from time to time.

whales, whales, whales...this is my frustrating period not to swim with the whales.

Keep on posting pics.

Steve said...

Thanks. This was big animal week here, we had a 35 foot whaleshark yesterday, I left my camera at home though.