Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Personal Stuff

Well, since I'm just starting this blog, I thought I'd tell a little about me without getting long winded. You are likely to get glimpses of my life over a period of time.

I live with my wife and dog above Kealakekua Bay (the spot where Captain Cook was killed and eaten) on the west side of the Big Island of Hawaii. I own a scuba charter which keeps me quite busy seasonally, while at other times I have the time to do stuff such as this. My wife works full time... and when she's not working, she's working on something anyway, she's a very driven person. She's cool though, she bought a football the other week we can go out in the yard and toss. Not too many mid-40ish couples throwing footballs on a regular basis I suspect. She throws a better spiral than I 'til we get about 15 yards apart.

My job for the day is to clean the vacation rental and get it ready for our next guests which arrive tomorrow. That'll keep me busy this afternoon. Tomorrow I get to deal with the yard (things grow rediculously fast here) and then I'll be back to diving for a few days each week 'til we hit our next busy spell.

Well, that's about it for now. I figure if I keep it short it'll bore you a little less.




Dan B said...

Hi Steve,

My wife and I visited the big island once. The best snorkel spot we found was Captain Cooks. You've got a great spot! This year were going to the western Caribbean, unfortunately Hurricane Wilma has been there first. We'll enjoy your blog and wish we chose Hawaii.

Steve said...

Sorry to hear about your vacation plans possibly having been affected by the hurricane. The Cook monument is quite likely the best snorkeling spot in Hawaii. We've got another spot down at the Place of Refuge which is right up there.

Have fun,


Julieanne van Zyl said...

Hi Steve, I'm enjoying your stories and you pictures. I'm a diver too, over here in Australia. Not as experienced as you, however I'm having a lot of fun and different adventures.

Steve said...

Thanks Julieanne,

We all have different experiences. I've got a whole bunch in a limited number of spots. I hope to try some diving in your neck of the world some day.