Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Eels, Manta Rays, Leaf Scorpions, etc....

Yee Haw!! Someone actually has read my blog, and left a comment. I know that doesn't mean more will, but it's nice to know that this thing actually gets seen - guess I'll have to be somewhat careful what I talk about.

The comment author asked if the pics were mine, yes they are. I'm likely to talk a bit about underwater photography over time as it is an interest of mine when I'm diving. I don't consider myself to be all that good at it, but I'm gradually getting better over time. I generally do not take my camera with me when I lead dives, so most of my stuff was taken when out on "personal" diving, which is happening less often these days as my charter business is picking up.

In the comment it was mentioned that the shooter wasn't happy with the results of the disposable camera. I wouldn't pooh-pooh disposables totally just yet. They seem to be getting better all the time, and from what I've seen in my limited underwater photography experience, the first couple of times you use any new camera (I've had two, and am about to house a nicer one soon) the results are no where near as good as once you've had a chance to practice. My first several rolls with my MX-10 film camera basically didn't even turn out, after a while I was getting 2-4 "keepers", and a whole lot of junk, every roll. I switched to a small 4 megapixel digital in a housing and even then the first couple of outings gave me nothing but junk. I started figuring things out and soon was getting a few "keepers", a bunch of at least recognizeable pics and the usual assorted junk shots on each outing. I haven't even carried the camera this year, so I've pretty much forgot any settings I figured out so the process likely starts again. I think the trick is to keep at it. I'd love to see what an experienced good underwater photographer could do with a disposable after some practice.



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