Monday, October 10, 2005

Just returned from Vegas

So I just returned from 6 days in Las Vegas to go to the big Dive show (DEMA) which is held annually and features booths by equipment and accessory manufacturers, dealers and travel related services. Not sure how many were in attendance, but I suspect it was in the 10-14K range through the course of the week. There was lots of stuff to keep a diver's interest on the floor, and lots of industry sponsored seminars, but I was really ready to be done with it by the time it was over.

Now for Vegas. It's an amazing place, at least the Strip area. The first time I was there as an adult was the day after the New York, New York opened. I returned three years ago for another DEMA show and then this time. Boy is it much busier these days. Everywhere I hit was busy, busy, busy... it seemed much busier than last time, which was much busier than the previous time. It would be curious to see their tourism numbers.

I was able to take the monorail to the convention center each day. I stayed at the Tropicana and it more or less took longer to walk to the station at the MGM than to get to the convention center once on the train. It's a fantastic way to get around. One interesting monorail story, for me anyway. The train can move something like 4000 people an hour in each direction. On Friday moring I was heading to the show and there was a couple across the train who were there for their 35th anniversary and the gentleman was quite talkative so we chit chatted for a while. 6 hours later I stepped onto the train again and sat down and I hear "How was your show?" - it was the same couple sitting exactly across from me again. They'd spent the day walking the North end of the Strip.

I enjoyed the trip, but I'm glad to be home. One thing that makes Vegas tough for me is that I live in a very humid climate and Vegas is so dry. The last show, most everyone I knew from my area that went was waking up with nose bleeds or other problems. This time I came prepared with saline spray for the nose and chapstick for my lips and still had some problems, but not as bad as before. I only had one day of real sinus pain, but I did manage to catch and bring home a cold.



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