Saturday, February 07, 2009

Testing...facebook video embedding... plus whale song sounds on underwater video...

OK, now that seemed to work.

Today was a great day out on the water. We had an 8-10 foot northwest swell so we decided to head south and go around the corner of Kaiwi point and dive sharkfin rock and Pawai Bay for the day, it was nice and relatively calm in there. The divers came up from the first dive very excited about all the whale singing, so when we moved over to the second dive site I took a "captain's dive" while they had lunch on their surface interval with Cathy.

Boy were the whales loud!!! I half way expected them to show up out of the blue at any time. Turn up the volume and listen between my breaths on this video and you can hear them. The sound of the whales through the camera housing doesn't do them justice, it was quite loud underwater.

While the divers were on their second dive I was up top on the boat and had a couple of whales swam to within 30 feet or so of the boat... very cool. They went right towards where Cathy had taken the group but probably cut outside when they hit the corner our group was around so the divers missed them.

This video clip is of a Lined Butterfly (Chaetodon lineolatus). These are Hawaii's largest butterflyfish species, reaching up to a foot or so in length. We typically see them in pairs, this one's partner was just a few feet out of the shot.




Andrew Cooper said...

We had whalesong as a soundtrack to both dives we did yesterday north of Kawaihae. Great dives, the song was certainly an interesting addition to the day.

You can hear it in my videos, about the same, the camera does not do the experience justice. Same camera, G9 in the Canon case.

Steve said...

Hmmm, Facebook changed my security settings, or the way it treats them. I'll try to unlock it. It made it up for a month anyway.