Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm breaking out the candles..... KABOOM!!!!!

We've got some real loud thunder right now. The evening news talked about heavy rain on the Big Island, and we weren't seeing a drop. Well, it's been about 40 minutes and suddenly we're really getting the thunder, the rain just started a minute or so ago. We don't get lightning storms that often, but when we do it seems our neighborhood gets some power troubles so I'm preparing.

Here's another clip from the other day diving with whales singing in the background. Turn it up and you may hear them. The clip itself is of a Moorish Idol (Zanclus cornutus). These beautiful fish are the only member of their family, which has similarities to both tangs and butterflyfish in many respects.

As I'm posting, the lightning has subsided but the rain's starting to really come in. I have a charter tomorrow, one really nice thing about diving in Kona is that rain rarely effects our diving - the viz generally stays good as there's little to no runoff here.

We'll see if the power holds through the new episode of "Lost" (one of about two or three shows I watch) coming up in 40 minutes.



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