Sunday, September 14, 2008

You can google almost anything, doesn't necessarily mean you'll find what you're looking for....

So every now and then I check into my visitor results for the blog to see how people found it... sometimes the way people find it are somewhat amusing... today someone found this blog by googling "Porta potty cleaner job in hilo". I got a kick out of that search - turns out if you do that search right now, my blog is the top result.

In the past I used to be one of the top results for "hawaiian chicken thighs" and "beer can chicken", but I no longer place well in those searches anymore, guess I'm not doing so hot with the barbequing crowd these days. Anyway, google has some magic formula to find relevant results and it's interesting to see what I temporarily place well for sometimes.

A little blog housekeeping... I've never really stated a "comment policy". Several months ago I was getting bombarded by spammers, primarily in the travel industry, so I added comment moderation to the blog. I flat out delete pure spam. I also decided at that time I'm not going to print direct links to product or non-subject related blog posts. I've got a handful of comments I'm sitting on that were good comments, but contained links that I consider to be re-directs for my readers. I can't figure out how to edit out the links, so I oppologise to those who aren't seeing their posts. I've got no problem with identity profiles linking back to other blogs or websites, but I'm basically not approving what I consider unrelated re-directs or commercial links in signatures following the comments. If I'm posting a frogfish pic and someone says "cool pic, did you see this post about a frogfish that ate a diver" with a link to that post... I'd post it (assuming it were genuine that'd be one heck of a big frogfish)... but comments followed by links to t-shirts for sale with frogfish on them, or vacation rentals in Maui (or anywhere else for that matter) or just plain unrelated blogs aren't going to pass the moderation. I realize commenting to help generate traffic is pretty commonly done by bloggers... in my case just make sure your identity is clickable ( identities work well) has the appropriate hidden link and I've got no problem posting most comments.

So the eel pic above is another shot of a Dragon Moray (Enchelycore pardalis) that I posted a shot of a couple months back. Look back through the archives, click on the "moray eel" label below, or do a search for dragon eel in the search bar at the top left of my blog page to see a couple of other shots of this and another dragon eel or two. Dragon eels are around, but we don't see them often so they're a highly prized find. More often than not, when I do find them what I first notice is the distinctive pattern on the body in a hole in the coral as they don't seem to spend quite as much time with their heads looking out as some of our more common eels.



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