Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another Hawaiian bigfin squid pic from last month....

I wish these critters were around all of the time, they aren't, so when we do see them it's a real treat.

Last week we had a customer who wanted to do a reef night dive. We were able to get another who wanted to do one and weren't working the next morning... so why not? I sat on board while Bob led the divers for a 70-80 minute or so long night dive. We've done a reef night dive a few different spots and Cathy did the last one at this spot. Cathy came up very excited from her dive here in June, and when Bob came up he could barely get his regulator out before saying "Wow Steve, this is a fantastic night dive". He said it was probably the best reef night dive he'd ever done in Hawaii. He said the reef was nothing but little red eyeballs looking back at you and he was going to have to look at his invertebrate book to figure out what all the different types of shrimp he saw were. My turn next! I want to see if this place is better than what I've done so far. We don't get a lot of call for reef night dives, although I wish we could get more, the trick is trying to get enough divers to make it worthwhile for us. We're slower now so it's something we can do with fewer people IF the schedule works.




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