Sunday, June 29, 2008

Whew! Busy month is over....


I've been quite busy with Wanna Dive this month. We've been doing charters nearly every day, with an additional one to two night charters each week. The goal is 7 mornings a week, and then the manta dive on Monday and Thursday evenings as well... nearly made it this month.

Yesterday it was a light load. We've been diving with a fun couple the last couple of weeks and it was just them for the day. Pat had the day off and decided to join in on the fun. Cathy and I took them to a spot that is pristine, likely one of the nicer dive sites in the state, that is out of the way and isn't dove that much. Pat had never been there and Cathy probably hadn't dove it in years. This is a cool site that frankly we aren't going to do unless conditions are right (they were yesterday) and we know the divers on the boat fairly well... there's some stuff at this site that a lot of newer or less careful divers might actually BREAK as it has a lot of our more delicate stuff. It was a really fun day for us.

Latest on water conditions... it's finally warming up. We've been seeing 77 degrees and I even had 79 in the shallows for a bit yesterday. The more typical summer water conditions seem to be settling in. I hope it keeps up. The manta dive is still HOPPING bigtime. We went a few nights ago and had 15 or so mantas, and last night's manta report had it at 27. If you or someone you know is coming to Kona in the near future.... YOU'VE GOTTA DO THE MANTA DIVE, even if you are just snorkeling... it's a world class activity, especially when it's going as big as it is now. Check my May 2008 archives if you haven't seen the video clip of the dive yet, that'll give you an idea of what it can be like on a very busy night.

So I was browsing through a few blogs today and ran across this blog from a diver in Saipan, which is outside of Guam. He has a bunch of photos of their local stuff and posts pretty regularly, it might be of interest to some of you. I figured I might as well post about some other blogs when I find stuff I find interesting. I hope to be able to travel some day, and Saipan might be an interesting place to go at some point.

This frogfish is one of the several I've seen in the last month or so. We found it on a drift dive up north right at the end of the dive. Luckily we had enough air to stick around and shoot a few shots before ascending.




Harry Blalock said...

Hi Steve, I'm Harry, the diver from Saipan. Thanks for the mention on your blog, and I'd love to put a link to your blog on mine if that's ok with you. I love other dive blogs and helping to promote them as well.

Steve said...

Thanks Harry. I'd be happy to get a link from you, I'll respond in kind on my sidebar. It looks like Saipan has a pretty good community of blogging divers, as I've seen others from there on occasion. I worked as temporary help for Breeze here in Kona and they used to talk about Saipan on occasion. Sounds like an interesting place.