Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gorgeous day today...

This post will be kinda newsy... We had some pretty nice weather today, sunny and calm. It was a nice day out on the boat. Our water is still staying cool for the moment, we've been seeing a lot of 75-77 degree readings on the dive computers, it's early in the summer as of yet and things should warm up. The vog has settled down quite a bit and isn't nearly as bad as it's been the last couple of months.

Travel stuff... Kona's still quite slow right now. There was some info on the news the other day saying departures from Kona airport were down 28% from May of last year... don't know if that was just local residents or included tourists, which would indicate arrivals were likely way down also. Pat and I went downtown last week to try out the Fish Hopper, we'd heard mixed reviews early on but the restaurant has received better reviews lately and has a Monday/Tuesday night Prime rib and lobster tail special for $19.95 that we decided we had to check out... pretty darned good and the service was very good for here, although it took desert to really fill me (not out of the norm for me). I'd go back. They were dead as far as business goes at the time, we went to the Big Island Grill (a popular semi-upscale plante lunch place here) immediately afterwards to pick up gift certificates for Pat's work, and it was dead there too... seems to be slow all over town... I know my numbers go up about the 17th. I'm going out pretty much every day (which is good) but the numbers are quite light 'til then.

More travel stuff... United has added another daily flight out of San Francisco to KOA as of yesterday, and Delta added a direct flight out of Los Angeles last week... good for them, great for us. So many of the mainland flights go to Honolulu or Maui and to get to Kona you have to take inter-island flights - with the loss of Aloha air it's really stung here. The more direct flights the merrier. Alaska Air is adding a direct flight from Seattle in November.

The pic above is of a Stout Moray I posted a pic of a month or so back... I actually like the pose it has in this picture much better. I guess I like looking down eel throats.




Kris said...

I really like your blog--read it every day! Just wondering if you have seen the video with the sharks in the shallows somewhere in Hawaii and if you have, do you know which island it is?
We love diving the Big Island and get so much info from your blog! Thanks!

Steve said...


I haven't seen the video.