Sunday, January 27, 2008

Scuba Diving in Kona Hawaii.....

Hi again,

The last post was sorta commercial, but hopefully informative for some, so I thought I'd bump it down a post.

I really don't post many pics of divers doing their thing. Part of it is I don't want to infringe on anyone's privacy and lots of times I take pictures with divers in them I'm close enough to really tell who they are, and more often than not, when I take a shot from a distance it comes out crummy to where I can't photoshop it well. Typically they get tons of red in them after the fixes, these I took out as much red as I could. I'm hoping with the RAW function on the Canon G9 (which I really didn't use on my Olympus sp-350) I'll be able to get a relatively accurate color of the deeper scenes.

Diving in Kona is different from many places in that nearly all of our dive sites have both deep and shallow water. We can take the group down the dropoffs (which usually start at about 35-40 feet and drop to beyond recreational diving depths) for a while to explore and look for larger fish and occasional oddball critters, then spend the bulk of the dive up in the shallower reef, which typically richer in live coral and it's associated fish/critter colletion. This can make for some nice longer and more varied dives than if we had a flat "X" feet deep bottom to dive on.

For those following the torn hamstring misadventure - my leg's coming along well from my earlier injury so I'm heading down to the boat tomorrow to crawl around on the boat for a while and make sure it doesn't affect my ability to work. I'm planning on working again this week if all goes as expected.




Carin said...
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Steve said...

I'm doing my best to keep commercial spam off my blog, that is other than my own, so I've deleted a comment by "Carin" that links directly back to an insurance company... and I'll repost it without the link as it's good info to know about for any active Canadian traveler if it's true...

"For Canadian travelers, it is essential to have travel insurance. The Canadian healthcare system will only pay a very small portion, if anything, for emergency medical expenses incurred outside of the country. When buying travel insurance, make sure you are covered for the activities you plan on participating in. Anything that is deemed "adventure sports" needs to have adventure travel coverage, otherwise you will not be insured for any expenses incurred due to an injury while participating."

Neutral Dive Gear said...

Ugh. Spam is so frickin annoying!

Keep diving!



Steve said...

Yep, it looks as though one of the sites that blogrolled me gave up because of spam comments. They probably should've just turned off the comments.

There's acceptible ways to do a bit of self promotion, but when it's just flat out announcing and linking to sites unrelated to diving, underwater photography, Hawaii, Kona or other subjects I bring up, I tend to delete things.