Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Live Whale songs from Puako?

So I just ran across this. It's apparently a live feed from a sono bouy up in Puako. When I listened, the whales were singing away like mad - I almost wonder if it's a tape as I've never heard anything that busy diving.

Here's the link: http://www.jupiterfoundation.org/live_cam.html

The live audio on the page takes a while to load, so be patient, it's worth it if they're still singing like mad.

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Anonymous said...

I am lucky to be in Puako frequently and often snorkel off the beach, and recently (3 weeks ago)went out on a boat and snorkeled. The sounds you are hearing on this feed are definitely LIVE. You can just put your head under the surface of the water and hear this amazing amount of singing. The folks that put this hydrophone in the water had to wait for permits this year, so they're a bit late vs other years in getting it going, but they finally got it done. Isn't it great?!