Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Hawaiian flame angel (centropyge loriculus) underwater video...

This is by no means a great video, but I've spent some time trying to get a decent still photo of a Flame Angel (Centropyge loriculus) and had little luck. They tend to dart and dive into the coral anytime you get near them. As it was, I had to stay about 6 feet away from this little fish and zoom in, which makes for a shakier video as any shake is magnified when zoomed in. At least it gives an idea of what the fish looks like.

I had the day off today from both jobs (yep, I've taken on another part time job that'll work around my schedule during the busy times) I found this one at the Place of Refuge this morning at about 65 feet, I was trying to get a shot of a pair of Potter's angls and this thing popped out in the middle of them. Other highlights of the dive were a manta, several eels, the turtle cleaning station and such.

Water conditions were excellent at 10:30 am this moring, with a slight swell starting to pick up towards the end of the dive. Current Kona water temperature?? Brrrr... I had a reading of 73 pop up on my computer during part of the dive, otherwise 75.



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