Sunday, November 05, 2006

I'm wearing pants, shoes too.

OK, now I know the title of this post is kind of wierd to most of you, but if you live in Kona, you can go a long time without wearing pants or shoes, especially if you work in the recreational watersports field. We spend most of our time wearing shorts or swimsuits with sandals or crocs and will generally go inndefinitely without wearing pants and shoes, other than to do yardwork or go out to a fancy meal... but eventually you visit the mainland, and it's cold.

I figured going to Texas wouldn't be much of a chill, but it's been cool the last couple of days. I could have broke out the shorts and crocs this afternoon, but I figured I could live with the shoes and jeans another day.... supposed to be in the mid-70s tomorrow so I'll be back to my normal slovenly dresswear. Yeehaw!!! I'll talk more about my little trip tomorrow.

Here's a nudibranch I took a pic of a few weeks back.

My wife (the Texan who starts picking up the drawl nearly instantly just putting a foot on the ground in this state) suggested the following as a closing when I asked what they say in Texas instead of "Aloha"...

.... Y'all come back now, ya hear!


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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your pics and commentary. keep it up. Hope "YA'll" had a good time in Texarkana where I work every day and live just outside.
Mel, Ashdown AR