Saturday, November 18, 2006

Back in Kona again.

I'm back in Kona again after 2 weeks on the mainland. This is probably my last extended absence 'til some time in '08. I managed to arrive home with the usual post-travel cold, yuck. We got home around 9:30 pm and I was back at the boat at 7am to make sure it was running for our charter the next day.... boats aren't like cars where you can park them for some time and they start right back up - they should be, but it never seems to be the case. It started right up though, we'd had some stuff done while I was gone so that undoubtedly helped. Sometimes it takes a battery charging and brushing all the electrical contacts to get 'er going after a layoff - corrosion seems to be one of the problems with boats and saltwater.

Yesterday's charter was fun. We had a couple on who are doing their Advanced Open Water certification. Bob got to do the diving. I'm itching to dive, but I'm not going to risk my ears by diving when I'm a bit stuffy. I got a reverse squeeze several years back that kept me out of the water for a month, I don't want that to ever happen again. Later today we're doing a "drift" dive and following it with the manta night dive.

The underwater photo above is of a divided flatworm that I took back in early October. These critters are always a nice find.



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