Sunday, October 15, 2006

Heck of an earthquake hit Kona about 3 hours ago.

Wow, biggest earthquake I've felt.... The power and internet just came back on. Apparently Oahu is out of power and parts of Kauai, the earthquake was apparently felt as far away as Kauai.

Lots of shaking at home, but no real damage at our house. I've got friends with lots of broken glass and pictures knocked off the walls and such.

We cancelled todays charter after everyone called and said this wasn't a good day to go out. I've got one group who was up at the Mauna Kea, apparently they evacuated the hotel as there was some damage along the lines of a wall or two collapsing.

Pat was called into the hospital, as the county/state activated the emergency plan. The radio station is reporting that there may be structural damage to the hospital and there is an evacuation in place, new patients are apparently being taken outside.

More later,



Anonymous said...

I work at a TV station in MINNESOTA and we're trying to get eyewitness information from people who experienced the earthquake.
could you please e-mail me at, or call me at 651-402-6368.

hope you are well!

Steve said...

I'm afraid I wouldn't have much of an interesting story to tell.... sitting at home, things shook, no damage. There's some rock walls down in my area, most of the damage is elsewhere, outside of where I've been.



Freudian Slip said...

I just can't even imagine living in an area with these kinds of fears. My hat is off to you Steve, I'm a worry wort!