Saturday, October 14, 2006

Blogger ate my post, I'm trying again...

We did the manta dive last night. Great show, rough seas. We dropped into the water off the north mooring and had two mantas right off the bat. We did a little dive to the main dive site and settled down and were immediately bombarded by manta rays. The videographer we work with was already there and took some great footage of our divers with the mantas. There were 10 mantas at the site.

We've had some rather poor weather for here the last few days. There's been a cold front hanging out off to the northwest of the islands bring in good rains. Yesterday it passed through and we actually had some funnel clouds inland of the airport in the afernoon.

The underwater photo above is of a Hawaiian Whitespotted Toby (Canthigaster jactator), lone of the small puffers we see commonly on the reef.

Aloha, this time I'm copying the post before trying to post... I hate retyping.


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